Operation cleanstop

We are crowd-funding trash cans at 300 MARTA bus stops in East Point until December 7th. The City of East Point has agreed to install and service trash cans at all stops that reach $200. This program enables East Point residents, businesses and associations to reduce litter and improve the transit ridership experience in their own neighborhoods. Click on the image below to find out more and participate!


Help make transit more accessible and convenient by adopting the bus stop of your choice. We will give you a cool-looking laminated sign with route and schedule info to put up.

Engaging citizens to build the transit system of tomorrow

The MARTA Army is an independent grassroots action group, committed to enhancing the ridership experience on public transit here in Metro Atlanta. The Army engages citizens across the region to reclaim ownership over the MARTA network by making it more accessible and convenient in their own neighborhoods.

The MARTA Army's first initiative is an adopt-a-stop program. We provide weather-resistant signs with route and schedule information for soldiers to put up at their adopted bus stops. Since September 26th, more than 300 soldiers have adopted bus stops all over Metro Atlanta, which have become gateways into the transit system.

Map of adopted bus stops