Largest Ever Crowd-Funding Program in Transportation

The City of East Point is home to 35,000 residents. Twenty percent of the population uses the bus as their main mode of transport. Yet, the lack of trash cans at MARTA bus stops causes a citywide litter problem. Operation CleanStop will enable the community to improve the transit ridership experience and beautify their neighborhoods.

Operation CleanStop is the first non-space specific crowd-funding program with more than 300 eligible bus stops. Anyone who want to improve public transportation in their own neighborhood can participate!

At the end of the crowd-funding period, we will transfer the funds collected from the community to the City of East Point. The City has agreed to install and service the trash cans as part of their regular trash collection routine. If this program is successful, we hope to organize similar initiatives in the city of East Point and throughout the Atlanta Region.

We will be hosting a closing event at Oz pizza (2808 Main St) on December 7th from 6:30 to 8:30 PM.