Bus stops are the gateways into the transit network in Metro Atlanta. Yet, these bus stops don't convey the most basic information. Through the adopt-a-stop program you can bring back bus stops into the visual environment of your neighborhood. You just need to choose a bus stop to adopt and attend one of our events. We will give you a weather resistant sign with routes and schedule information for your particular stop.


Sign up with the form below. Think of any one bus stop that you want to adopt. It can be any stop that you frequently use or walk by, as long as it is a U-channel pole. Please consult our event page and make sure that you can make it to one of the events. There, you will meet your fellow soldiers and learn how to put up the sign. If you can't make it to any event, don't pick a bus stop but sign up to our mailing list. We'll let you know about other opportunities to get a sign!


Donate to the Army

We are a completely crowd-funded organization, and your generous donations help us improve our public transit every day. We use the collected funds to run MARTA Army Operations across Atlanta, including the adopt-a-stop program. These operations improve the condition of transit in Atlanta in small but significant and visible ways.