Join the Ranks of our Soldiers

By joining the MARTA Army, you become a part of a large number of citizens who want to do their own little bit to help improve transit it Atlanta. As a soldier, you can:

  • Adopt a bus stop and make it better (Operation TimelyTrip)
  • Give your feedback and bring the change you want to see in your community
  • Earn your stripes by taking part in our future Operations

To join the army, you can start by adopting a bus stop. Fill the sign up form and we'll reach out to you asap!

Donate to the Army

We are a completely crowd-funded organization, and your generous donations help us improve our public transit every day. We use the collected funds to run MARTA Army Operations across Atlanta. These operations improve the condition of transit in Atlanta in small but significant and visible ways. 

Thanks in advance! 

Photo Credit: Rickey Bevington

Photo Credit: Rickey Bevington